Saturday, May 5, 2007


As is often the case, today's Day By Day is incoherent. Muir typically sounds ridiculous when he tries to comment on global warming--usually he settles for an Al-Gore-Travels-In-Airplanes-What-a-Hypocrite approach--but today I literally can't figure out the punchline. So Gore is--what?--presenting his new movie before Congress or something? Seriously, I have no idea.

"So there you have it," today's Mallard Fillmore begins, a clear sign that Tinsley, as usual, feels like he's presented six days of brutual commentary, rather than repeating the same trope over and over. Defending racists is a hobby-horse of Tinsley. He produced some particularly embarassing Mel Gibson strips that whined about how nobody would care if someone had drunkenly mouthed "anti-Christian" platitudes at a cop. And so Imus isn't a racist because Sharpton is a racist--or something. And his Jesse Jackson reference makes no sense. Jackson did suffer real political consequences from his "Hymietown" remark, just as Imus is suffering professional consequences.

And speaking of racists...State of the Union gives us some "do nothing" Arab guy who apparently is holding the world hostage by controlling the price of oil. Yes, if only those in the West who are "constantly hustling" to build a better world had some say in the matter. Oil companies, you say? Surely you jest! And that's why today's Lame-Off prize goes to State of the Union.

(No Gaggle on Saturday.)


Slobberchops said...

At least Day by Day can be (and often is) funny. Mallard is just pathetic. There's no humor, he can't really draw, he uses the same format over and over, and often gets some very basic facts wrong.

I don't get it.

Hector Rottweiler said...

Yeah, Muir at least has some sense of timing and how a joke works.